Yoga Is A Scientific Way To Health

Yoga is the art of living and Yogasana is a scientific procedure.This is the only exercise which affects the innermost parts of the body.

        Yogasana and pranayama practiced by me help purify the blood vessels,open up the lungs and the muscles become elastic.Yogasana activities done ny me are carried in slow motion. During their performance we stretch & relax our physical structure fully.Pranayama also done by me make the nerves calm and active.

       A few asanas done in my class

                             Suryanamaskar(Sun Salutation)-- warm up

                            Sitting asanas- Titli asana(Butterfly pose),padmasana(lotus pose).

                            Standing asana-- Tarasana(tree pose),Trikonasana(triangle pose).

       A few pranayama exercises

                             Bramhari (bee humming).Anulon velom( alternate nose breathing).

All the poses done here in the class are in HATHA YOGA  style.

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